Long-Term Care: talking, deciding, taking action Home

“I promised Mom I’d never put her in a home and now I can’t keep the promise.”

Factors to Consider

woman in bright, cheerful dining roomIt’s always better when individuals and family members can discuss care options together before there is a need. Very often, however, families face the task of looking for nursing home care for their relative during a health crisis when the decision must be made in a short amount of time. When making nursing home placement decisions, family members should focus on finding a comfortable, clean, safe and home-like facility with caring staff that provide high quality care and services. Whenever possible, the individual needing care should be involved in the decision-making.

When looking for the right facility, it is important to visit several of them and shop around in order to find one that meets your (or the person receiving care) medical, financial, and comfort needs. It’s helpful if you and involved family members can determine what’s important to you in advance.
What’s important to you?