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Use A Long-term Care Insurance Policy Comparison Tool PDF download to compare insurance policies.

Compare Policies

If you're interested in a long-term care policy, you need to shop around and compare policies. Not all long-term care policies cover the same services, nor are they all priced the same. Speaking with more than one insurance agent can help you identify differences across policies in terms of coverage and premiums.

On the right side of this page is A Long-term Care Insurance Policy Comparison Tool.  The Insurance Policy Comparison Tool is designed to help you record and keep track of the features and pricing for different insurance policies.  It also serves as a shopping checklist so that you are reminded to look at all the different dimensions of a long-term care insurance policy.  It has room for up to three policies. If you decide long-term care insurance is a fit for your situation, compare several policies as a way of learning about the best options for you. 

As you go through the Insurance Policy Comparison Tool with the policies you are interested in, make sure you understand each of the policy features.  Check the financial stability of the insurance company; one source for this information is the financial ratings services such as AM Best and Weiss.  Also, look for information on the number of claims against a policy insurer. Some state insurance offices or other state agencies provide this information. Companies vary widely in the number of complaints per 1,000 policies issued according a 2007 New York Times article.